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alipharmy's Journal

25 July 1979
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Nothing much at the moment.
1979, 69 love songs, 80s, acrylics, adbusters, adrian tomine, astigmatism, atheism, audrey hepburn, austin, bands, bass, beach, beta band, big black, bjork, black dice, black spot, bouldin creek, bourbon, boys, breakfast tacos, bright eyes, casio keyboards, cats, chocolate, co-ops, colin clary, commander venus, concerts, converse, culture jam, cursive, david bowie, dead kennedys, disillusionment, douglas coupland, drinking, ecology, electrelane, emo's, environment, erotica, feminism, food, fuck bush, glasses, greece, guerilla film, harry potter, hostels, indie, indie rock, insomnia, janeane garofalo, jejune, jonathan richman, k records, killrockstars, kissing, kucinich, lasagna, latin, laziness, le tigre, liberal, lightening bolt, lo-fi, magnetic fields, making out, marijuana, mates of state, modern rock, modest mouse, mogwai, mountains, movies, mp3, muppets, murakami, my bloody valentine, myopia, netfilx, new england, new order, new wave, no-wave, noise, obama, one dollar records, optic nerve, painting, pavement, pez, pj harvey, princess bride, promise ring, providence, punk, quiet, radiohead, rainer maria, ralph nader, raveonettes, records, riot grrl, robots, sarcasm, sasona, sebadoh, seven deadly sins, shoegazer, shoes, sleater-kinney, sneakers, snow, sonic youth, south austin, soviet, spinanes, subpop, sxsw, talking heads, tank girl, tetris, the queers, thrift stores, travel, tweezers, twitter, uvm, vegetarian, velvet underground, vermont, versus, vintage, vintage clothes, vinyl, weed, wheatsville, whiskey, wine, wolf eyes, yo la tengo